The smartwatch uses tempered touch glass with an oily coating design, which increases resilience and essentially makes it highly difficult to scratch r crack.  The screen also provides water-proof, fingerprint-proof, dirt, and dust-proof features, ensuring that you can always operate your watch in the best conditions without restriction.  Our smartwatch's battery capacity and power consumption system have been designed and optimized for long hours of operation.  The watch learns your usage habits and regulates sleep-wake cycles to ensure you get the best battery life possible. The quick charge function gets you a full charge in 30 mins, a minimum of 5 days of use (with Bluetooth calling connected) / seven days of continuous use (without Bluetooth calling connected), and 30 days of standby.   Manage your overall sleep quality with an advanced sleep tracker that detects and analyzes sleep stages while you rest; This feature has immense health benefits and helps you develop better sleep habits by analyzing your sleep patterns.  The data can be useful to your doctor in annual physical health assessments or routine checks.  Make the most of every adventure with Auto Workout Tracking — from running to rowing to swimming — automatically in just minutes, and manually tracking more than 90 exercises, including complex activities like HIIT.  Control your phone camera remotely from your smartwatch.  Position your phone far away and take pictures remotely from your smartwatch.  This feature brings convenience and flexibility to your picture-taking and makes it much more interesting.

Technical Specifications

Brand Vernte Oasis
Screen size 1.9
Waterproof IP 68 
Step Counter Yes
Companion App Da-fit
Operating System Android/iPhone
Blood Pressure  Yes
Sleep Management Yes
Breathing exercises Yes
Screen type OLED
Weight 0.0110563 kg
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.5 × 0.46 cm

Gold, Brown, Black


Standard: 1 year, Extended: 1 + 1 year, Extended: 1 + 2 years

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