Web3 research and innovation start-up Vernte launches the first web3-capable Smart Headphones

The Custos True Mobility Smart Headphone will help people access decentralized web 3 applications seamlessly

With the exponential rise of web 3, there was a growing demand for intuitive devices that help people tap into that ecosystem. To help people experience the immersive world, renowned web3 research and innovation start-up Vernte has launched the world’s first Web3-capable smart headphones.

The Custos True Mobility Smart Headphone is designed to seamlessly give users access to a range of decentralized applications and services and open them to a new world of possibilities.

The Smart Headphone has a range of features, including a 2″ High-Resolution OLED Display, LTE capability, iLuminum high-speed OS, and Active Noise Cancelation that provides internet, communication & entertainment capabilities. Moreover, a mute button is placed to bring added convenience, and a voice assistant that enables a completely hands-free experience. It also has an 8-octa-core processor with hardware-accelerated gaming for sound and a web-based real-time communication experience.

Speaking on occasion, a representative for the company said, “We’re excited to announce the launch of this revolutionary new product that will change the way people interact with a growing number of web3 apps and services forever. The device will create many new opportunities in the decentralized marketplace, from accessing decentralized exchanges and gaming platforms to sending peer-to-peer encrypted communications. Moreover, the security protocol will ensure the cryptocurrency stays safe and secure at all times.”

The web-3-enabled infrastructure guarantees an enhanced multimedia experience and a millisecond AI feedback loop and performance. The three different tiers offer 4GB or 6GB RAM with 128GB or 256GB of storage. Besides powerful functionality, the device comes in a sleek and textured design that offers three high-quality leather options with an Aluminum finish on the braces and earcups. The Exquisite + model stands out with an aesthetically pleasing monogram on the headband.

The start-up is based in San Francisco, CA, and is on a mission to develop embedded systems ranging from consumer products to home automation, biotech, and automotive solutions. Their core objective is to ensure that next-generation, future-proof devices are well-spent and within reach. They also hope to lead the frontier in biotech and leverage AI and web3 in increasing the average human life-span expectancy and quality.

Vernte is scheduled to launch its first Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with the Custos Headphones in February 2022. 2,500 backers have already reserved a spot by registering on their website.

People interested to learn more about the world’s first web3-capable smart headphones can visit the company’s website today.

About the Company

Vernte is a leading web3 research and startup specializing in developing innovative embedded systems ranging from consumer products to home automation, biotech, and automotive solutions. The company is passionate about shaping the future of the web3 ecosystem with future-proof devices that are affordable and within reach.





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